Sunday, December 13, 2015


A mad sparkle in your eyes for some unknown reason,
Lights up the cockles of my heart, with the spirit of the season.
You are a stranger; And yet, this moment is like a reunion..
When friends that parted long ago, suddenly meet,
And realize that something precious has remained!
I savor my mouthful of wine, relishing the taste of it
I draw a deep breath to catch the scent of spice in the air
The buzz in my ears grows sweeter
Children laugh, bells jingle away
I can smell a rum fruitcake from a long lost winter holiday
You make me me mad and mushy, glad and gushy!
Outside, the cold rains and furious winds continue to howl
And a roaring fire begins to crackle in my soul
One fueled by the love in my life, and my capacity for imagination
I am overcome with emotion
With gratitude, for this place to stand.
This holiday season, I wish you a moment of introspection
A quiet moment, away from the noise and distraction
To find in your heart, that, which makes it worth continuing.