Sunday, August 31, 2014

The beautiful Yosemite

This is my fourth time at Yosemite. A place I come back to again and again. I love to watch its many deers; either grazing inches from me, or, among the tall grasses in the meadows; a place where I had an antelope skirt me by in supreme nonchalance; where I saw my first wild bear family - a mom and its cub rushing across a distant creek for a fleeting, unbelievable second.

Every time I go back, I learn a little bit more about what it is to be in Yosemite. To close your eyes to complete quietness and listen to the leaves rustling in the wind. To smell a faint oak in the air. To soak your eyes with the green. To stare up the tall pines and sequoia trees. To gaze in wonder at the sheer facade of the stark granite ranges. To hear the rustle of its many waterfalls. To trek up to one and be overwhelmed at its sheer force, to catch the frothing amongst the boulders at its feet. C'est Magnifique! I play deep woods sounds sometimes at bed-time. And then there's falling asleep to the sounds of Yosemite. With the crickets' songs or the occasional pattering of the rains on your tent roof. To listen in the darkness and learn to relax.

Night skies at Yosemite are a feast no photograph can ever capture. A wide open sky of starry brilliance bequeathed to life on earth. What a pleasure to lie down and star gaze and wonder. To wonder at the milky way. To wonder at the light from the stars that started light years ago for you to catch them tonight. To sit on the board walks and transcend into another world where you forget to be full of yourself.

Yosemite is many things for many people. There's the happy campers with their camp fire songs and merry making. The seduction of liquor and fire, an ultimate release. For me, beyond of that, it is an opportunity to enjoy silence, to enjoy solitude. The chance to truly slip off of the grid. No cell phone, no email, no internet. There's the changing color of the sky, there's the company of my husband with whom I dont need to talk to communicate. This time there was also some of Grappelli to spice the air. The little time I had felt like eons. A meagre two days offered a soothing balm to the invisible signs of struggle of my brutal city life. Viva Yosemite!