Sunday, July 07, 2013

Free, to be

Celebrate and rejoice, they told me,
Feel it, live it, you are born free!
Fireworks, voting rights, history books,
To show and tell how freedom looks.
That freedom seems, almost untrue,
Unrelated to what I can do.
Not hungry nor oppressed, but I do despair!
Things I cant change, even if I care.
Am not beyond prejudices,
That color all my thought processes.
So what if barbed fences aren't around,
Forces beyond do my thoughts surround.
An inexorable influence on what I would..
To what I should and what I could.
Some folks try this to feel free..
Set their imagination off on a spree.
Wear a personality, someone else they be,
A poignant cry to be truly free..

The spirit of that imagination!
Its a worthy break from what's convention..
Or else, freedom's just a foolish notion;
Open to interpretation.
No, freedom perhaps isn't absolute.
But its not just an ideal that's cute.
In conscious defiance of all coercion..
Do we truly achieve emancipation.