Monday, March 18, 2013


Enuf said, you said, and I agree.
I am tired of dissecting every
Wanton look and casual word
That stick on my mind and strike odd
With what I thought mattered
My thoughts challenged and shattered!

Unreal and imminent, a world exists
Mutely within my clenched fists
Bubbling with beautiful emotions
Playful with contradictions!
Alas! the face and body you see
Is so disconnected from whats me to me!

And so from my spot distant and remote
I watch my reality pieces afloat
Some with edges that scratch deep,
Straddling my wakefulness and sleep.
Spilling blood and a solitary tear,
And sometimes drawing an uncertain cheer!

When all else makes no sense at all,
And I listlessly wait my curtain call.
This intimate corner is my refuge
I'll keep amused with this subterfuge
Surreal poetry to safe keep,
My soul; 'tis a price cheap!