Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the road

Stay the course, you say
And I wonder what you mean, more, everyday
Words come back to me like waves on the sea shore
Beaten words, from the beaten track,
Old arguments, sam-o wisdom, quack quack.
Nothing is new under the sun.
As I crawl on, I wish I could run!
With this restless spirit of abandon..
Thats gnaws away at me..

And happiness is so… ephemeral.
Puff, it goes,
On the wings of a late Sunday breeze;
And I am left alone in the dark corner..
Waiting, with dumb unease.
Waiting, for a fit of inspiration, to touch my heart..
As thoughts chase each other around,
In my head they're lost and found,
Again and again and again.

Feelings are brutal, Intelligence useless!
In a world which is more purposeless,
Than you can even imagine.
That you can dare to even imagine.
I envy you that amble along without a clue,
And none the worse for it!