Friday, December 16, 2011


Didn't know you were still here.
That I've carried you with me
for all these years.

This morning I knew.
For you came to me.
On the wings of a flower;
Blooming small and pretty
on the side of this road I walk everyday.
And the years fell away.

It was just such a morning.
The sun golden on the horizon.
And your eyes as red from tears.
You held me tight.
I hadn't known then..
That I'd remember you like this..
years later...

And my heart felt heavy.
With sorrow, with nostalgia;
I remembered the scent of you.
And your lubdub on my cheek.
I hardly notice it these days.
It was suffocating.
This memory of you.
For I felt locked in time.
And you lost to me forever.

You and I, we have walked all these years..
Side by side.
And you were walking by me this morning.
But it wasn't the you from those many years ago.
For whom I yearned.
We are both different people today!
Still dear to each other,
But somehow not in the same way..
Never again the same way..
And each anniversary a little changed.
A little faked, a small pretension.
But why even try for just the same?

My darling, this non rhyme;
Do you like it?
Its like it really is..
An intense sweet pain and a whole lot of other,
Meaningless meaningless chatter!