Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dream you back to me

After you were gone, I desperately wanted to see you one more time, one last time. You see I am a creature of habit. And you just ceased to be... so abruptly! I didn't have time to prepare to see you go. If I had known, I'd still feel bad, and it'd still be hard to let you go. But perhaps not this deep regret for everything left undone, unsaid. I pray each day that I'll dream of you. To find closure for me. And to refresh my memory of you. To breathe you in one last time. You see, I can close my eyes and recall all the things we did together. But they dont have the force of reality. Dreams would feel real, I keep thinking. I wish I could dream as I wished.

And while you are in and out of my mind every waking moment, with little things of my daily life acting as constant reminders of you; you elude me in my dreams. How is it that my unconcious is so detached from what I am thinking in my concious mind! Its frustrating. I wonder why we are able to dream at all?