Monday, June 07, 2010

Be Mine: A pretty guest

My wife, Keenu, likes to collect curios. Initially it felt like a strange obsession. Odd figurines would jump out at me every now and then.. from the familiar corner of my bookshelf or a habitually bare table. Some of the masks and statues looked ghastly really.. with their bared teeth and other grotesque features.. but.. these artifacts have a beauty that grows on you with time. They mesmerize you. Perhaps, its their anachronism that repels you at first, sitting in your otherwise modern living room.. but then you grow used to them. You expect them tucked away in these niches.. sensual, mischievous, forlorn, cruel...

The other Saturday morning, I was returning from my morning exercise. I noticed a garage sale sporting a colorful spread of knick knacks.. The attendant lady caught me eyeing what she had and smiled invitingly. Something drew me to check out her display.. I crossed the street. A bright, really pretty doll caught my attention.. it was an Indian doll, modeled after some princess perhaps. On closer inspection, her eyes looked... alive! I was taken aback. Must be the sunlight playing tricks! Its very unusual for me, what I did. On a whim, I bought the doll. Keenu was delighted with the doll. As I've mentioned, she loved things like this and then coming from me, that bowled her over. I was happily smothered in a bear hug. She placed the pretty thing on her dressing table in our bedroom.

That night after swallowing my medicine which also stands on this dressing table, I stood by the doll for a moment. Almost unconsciously, I picked her up again in my hands. In the diffused yellow light from the bulb, she looked exotic. She really had unusual eyes.. the red silk on her skirt bordered with a profusion of gold sequins felt ethereal to touch.. they hugged her shapely hips and ended around her perfectly rounded knees... her navel was bejeweled. Her raven hair hanging lose framed her tiny waist.. it was so soft.. almost human! The details of her full breasts encased in a scant red blouse shone through the gauzy scarf material she had wrapped all around.. the workmanship of her jewels were superb. I swear it felt like she was no doll.. that she was a live princess that I held... untarnished by time. I was waken from my reverie when Keenu shook me with a laugh, "Have you fallen in love with her?" I felt a bit embarrassed with my preoccupation.. I joked back, "I think I have... indeed!"