Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Take my hand: Heal

Continued from
Take my hand: Catch 22

Anish and I were eating dinner Friday night. We were comparing notes on whether either of the Raha's have surfaced. Not yet. I felt impatient. Anish asked me to practice breathing exercises. It calms the mind. I made a face at him. Anish is amused with my antics. I know that. Laughter is a good thing. Its the best glue in relationships. Its way higher priority than maudlin declarations of endless love.

E: "I think Giri's actually doing detours to avoid me at work. I haven't passed him once last 2 days"
A: "Good for him!"
E: "What?"
A: "Give the man some breathing room!"
I looked at Anish with mock anger.
E: "I think Giri needs me by his side. I shant listen to you anymore."
A: "OK, fine. Go hold his hand. I cant foresee any peace in this house until you do."
E: "What does that mean? Are you going to be serious?"
A: "Honey, what can you do? Seriously, what do you think you can do?"
E: "I can tell Seema her suspicions are baseless"
A: "If she was going to buy that, we would not be discussing this."
E: "Why do you think she refuses to believe me?"
A: "Because you are in love with Giri."
E: "Anish!!!! I am being serious."
A: "So am I."
E (agitatedly): "And you are fine I assume?"
A(grinning): "I have supreme confidence in Giri!"
E: "You hateful stupid man. Just you wait, Mr Higgins. I shall have a mad affair, pronto."

A: "Have you ordered the two books I asked?"
E: "You order them. I am not your secretary."
A: "Please Ev. Do it tomorrow without fail."
E: "Anish, lets drop by on those two bozos.. now."
A (with a sigh): "If I thought it could help, I would. Hang in there for a little longer."
E: "Anish, if I was having an affair what would you do?"
A : "I would be elated of course." Anish began to curl his mouth: "I'd get a few more hours of well derserved sleep."
E (also smiling): "OK. Consider it a done deal."
E (suddenly switching gears): "By the way, I need your help to unpack the new corner table."
A: "Ev, I am not doing that now or anytime this week. So please dont sneak that suggestion into our conversation any more. You are an obsessed woman."
E: "I am getting antsy that its been lying there for a week now."
A: "If you cant do it, you have to wait till I have time."
E: "I could ask Giri to help."
A: "If thats your seduction routine, its pathetic!"
E (breaking into a grin): "Is it? Seema tried it on you, didn't she? At Giri's surprise birthday party? Anish going over at 5:00 pm to help with party stuff! Amazing man!! In 12 years that I have known you, I've usually had to throw you out before parties. That was the help I needed. Not to have you afoot! "
Anish put up a smiley face and did not deny the charge.
E: "By the way, you shouldn't say these things. Banterings take on real colors. I dont make a habit of hitting on Giri."
A(smiling): "Giri is actually pretty pathetic choice of boyfriend."
E: "He's the sweetest. You have no idea."
A: "Really?"
E: "Ok, not sweeter than you.. you win by a very very very minuscule margin!"
A: "Thank God, I was holding my breath there!"
E: "Dont be too sure, honey!"
A: "what do you want to do tomorrow? Besides counselling Giri, which we are not doing for the record."
Ev made another face: "We dont have to do anything."
A: "You will push me off the cliff unless we get out the house and do something. So we'd better decide. Perhaps a hike ?"
Ev's mind had alreay begun to drift. She was seriously concerned for her friends. "OK, whatever.. but you're right. I'll go bananas if I stay home!"