Sunday, May 30, 2010

Take my hand: Sunday edition

Continued from
No swing.. yet

Anish was raking a thick layer of tiny white flowers, that is courtesy of a tree in their backyard that he did not know the name for. The tiny flowers came down copiously with the breeze everyday and was not fragnant at all. How maddening! Giri appeared in the doorway leading to the garden. Anish looked up.

A (breaking into a wide smile): "Are!!! when did you get here?"
G(smiling): "About now.. (breaking into a chuckle) Ev put you up to this?"
A(shaking his head in mock exasperation): "Do you have plans for your backyard this year?"
G: "We kept planning all of last year! Neither of us actually did anything.. I think this year's going the same way.."
A(with a grin): "I'll let it out to Ev that you want it.. she will make sure it gets done."
G (with a grin as well): "I know.. and so I forbid you to do us that favor. Now move.. they are making luchi I believe. Some exercise will do me good."
A (promptly straightening up to hand over the rake): "Only too happy to oblige my friend."
Giri notices that Anish is wearing a white T shirt with things written on it with markers.. innn probably Ev's hand!?
G: "Interesting T shirt there!"
Anish quickly looks down and with an embarrassed smile, crosses his arms to cover his chest: "When Ev was away on the east coast, she would write stuff up on these Ts.. and then we were supposed to do them when she got back (his smile had become a sheepish grin) ... so I got quiet a collection of these Ts with corny language.. I use'em for nightwear.. (chuckling slowly) I'll go change."
Giri said:" Waaait a minute.. " (and tried to read). Anish had no intention of letting that happen and sort of ducked indoors saying, "No, dont, please."
Giri did read one interesting suggestion in there. And was smiling to himself. It is so like Ev to come up with this stupid plan! But it was sweet.. and come to think of it, sexy.
Seema came to the door and saw G with the rake.
S: "Bah... get practice and you can do it again tomorrow at your own house."
G: "I am working out for the calorie overload you guys are planning for us. I am not doing this at home.. and dont mention this to Ev because she will come over with the plants and the rake.."
S (grinning): "Then we'd at least have something. I think thats what I'm going to do to get us motivated.... You know I put on 5 lbs, since I've come here. I've been working out, but still end up gaining." She begins to press the slight hint of adipose around her waist.
G (looking over S in a mock leery way and beginning a wolf whistle which did not turn out quiet right.. he abandoned that attempt): "All in the right places, me love!"
Ev came in on them: "Finish the raking or, I wont serve no brunch, amigos." Seema danced her eyebrows with a grin and departed.
Luchi (hand-made deep fried puffed flour bread) and begun bhaja (fried eggplants) were eaten in the newly cleared patch in the garden on a cotton mat aka sataranchi .