Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take my hand: Shall we dance?

Continued from
Take my hand: Moody Blues

Tango is the new love of my life. After about a year's nagging, I have finally managed to get Anish to accompany me to a local studio where they teach this. Both the music and the dance is sooo sexy, and emotive. Its got speed and depth. The dancers are supposed to look into each other's eyes, while their bodies glide as one.. its divine! Isn't that what sex is all about? Giri refuses to join us... Seema and I are both working on him. I'd love to Tango with Giri I've told him several times.

On the subject of divine dances, Seema tells me that the best part of their lovemaking is kissing. Her opinion is Giri does it well. She adds, that it was the only part of sex she had alternate data to compare with.. and Giri won the round. I did not tell her that I have some idea of what she meant about Giri's skills. For me, it started on a trip to Santineketan when we were about 17.. the last night of the trip, with the dancing to the romantic hits and some drinks, we were all high. Into the wee hours, dragging Giri out, I nestled close to him.. and touched my lips to his, wet and balmy. He started to kiss back. I did not like it.. it hurt because Giri was super excited and using his teeth too much. I tried to push him off. He pinned me to the wall with his weight and held both my hands above my head. "Shhhh", He tried to calm me down and put soft pressure with his mouth on what parts of my face and ears he could access. He kept whispering.. "We can do this... tell me how.. I'll fix it." His breath was hot and sweet with alchohol. To this day, I am totally aroused with the slightest hint of liquor on Anish's breath. Anyways... so I quietened down and we figured things out bit by bit.. with halting directions on what felt good and what did not.... I have discovered over the years that while setting things right was easy to do with a dear friend, it does not come that easily for most. Its difficult to voice sexual disappointment... people silently take blame, or, assign blame.. feel deprived, but still fake it. If you are only willing to go the extra mile, you can change your experience of it forever!

When Seema and I returned from this week's Saturday shopping, I noticed that Seema had picked all of Anish's clothes. I recalled it being punctuated by ""this will look good on him".. "this will go well with his gray jeans"... At one point she had said, she loved the length of Anish's eye lashes and wished she had such long ones herself... I reflected on our afternoon together with amusement. I didn't pick anything for anybody but myself. Seema chose Giri's things as well. I found it hard to contemplate Giri in one outfit or other with Seema breathing down my neck.

And now, a bit of sensational news for my readers.. Last month, Giri was offered a position with our company in my group! He accepted and is set to join in another week. It happened quiet out of the blue really. One Wednesday morning recruiter sends me Giri Raha's resume. Since he did not tell me that he'd applied, I did not to tell him that I will be part of his interview panel. At his presentation, Giri looked delectable in a great-fit gray suit on his six feet, slender frame.. I watched him closely, with a private pride, not really listening to what he had to say. Just looking at him. I could never do this ordinarily, right? I watched his thin lips as they formed the words, watched him come alive as he was explaining his work, answering questions... watched his dark skin glow as he moved around. Giri was mesmerizing.. I could see people respond to his charm. I waited for my 45 minutes of one on one with him. The first question I asked was "Why did you apply for this position?" He said he was intrigued by the possibilities for him. Boy, Me too! Next I asked, "How do you resolve conflicts? Give me an example." He said, "Conflicts happen if people dont share a common understanding of their role. My strategy is to align expectations all around." Interesting, I thought to myself. As far back as I can remember, Giri has never resolved any conflict we had. We never said sorry or talked to "make up". Usually the next time we met, we'd just ignore the fall out and go on. I think his real skill is in neatly shoving conflicts under the carpet... I'd have liked to discuss the point further.. Unfortunately, I had to ask some technical questions as well...