Saturday, May 29, 2010

Take my hand: No swing... yet

Continued from
Take my hand: Purple Haze (not that other thing!)

Lies say more about you than you are willing to say at all. Giri and Seema were chatting the other day..

S: "So how do you like working with Ev?"
G: "OK I guess.."
S (make a face): "Can you elaborate?"
G: "Whatever you want to know, you should ask me directly." Seema cant get Giri to talk about Ev, ever!
S: "I just asked a simple question. Isn't it natural that I want to know?"
G: "I dont understand what you want to know. She' great. Lets talk about something else. "
S: "No, I want to talk about this. "
S: (after a bit of a pause..) You chose all those songs for her. I borrowed the CD back and.. frankly, I was.. feeling a bit jealous." Seema shrugged. There, better out than in.
G: "It was her marriage anniversary! Its all on my hard drive anyways. How long does it take to choose 12 songs you liked. Its not as if I sat and composed them!"
S: "Why are you becoming agitated?"
G: "Why did you ask me how I liked working with her, if this was your real question?"
S: "I.. well... its not that I am really concerned.."
G: "Dont be, I love you. And I thought you liked Ev? How can you be friends and yet ask me these questions?"
S (with a sigh): "I like Ev.. I really do.. but with due provocation, you never know.. she is pretty volatile. "
G (breaking into a smile at the last bit): "With due Provocation! And what would be due provocation, you think?"
S: "She told me about your team building exercise from work the other day."
G screwed up his eyebrows. "Say what?"
S: "You know, everybody draws their neighbor on a yellow post it."
G: "It was the silliest thing I ever did.. what about it?"
S: "Consider.. staring at the face, at the eyebrows, at the eyes, at the nose.. absorbing the shapes of the mouth.. it could be provocative with the right neighbor."
G (grinning now): "Good god, Seema! We took one look at the person who sat next to us and finished him off. And by the way, guilty as that sounds, I know her face very well.. I cant draw, but if I could, I wouldn't need to stare at her to draw her."
S (smiling too): "You are a slippery customer, mon ami"
G (shaking his head): "When have I ever been less than honest with you? Tell me one time."
Seema sat quietly looking at Giri for a bit. She wore a half amused, half mock suspicious expression.. and then said..
S: "Ev keeps saying, What scotty doesn't know cant hurt Scotty.. "
G: "Go bug her. I never said that. But I can tell you this. Ev cant keep secrets. I can. She cant."
S: "I disagree."
G: "Thats your prerogative.. Now lets not talk about this anymore.. can you make me a sandwich?"

Seema got up to make the sandwich. After she left the room, Giri closed his eyes and sat their musing. He hadn't lied to Seema or anything. On that particular day, Ev was not his neighbor. He'd drawn an androgynous human face, like everybody else, without any attention to details. He didn't even know the guy he drew. However, he'd become conscious of Ev looking at him several times from another table, and couldn't help but look at her askance as well. It seemed like she'd chosen him for her subject! Somewhere along, the thing had stopped being light hearted and became a tease...he'd noticed her expression change, he thought. He'd gone around afterward to ask her for his portrait. Ev refused to admit that she'd drawn him at all.