Monday, May 10, 2010

Marriage Mantra

She was bored of looking on. Bored of hoping against hope that her disappointment with life was going to fix itself. She stared at her husband of 10 years lying on her sofa. Ria believed in this man. But she was also a romance addict; eternally looking for that spark that seemed to have fizzled out from her life. Always hoping for a warm pair of eyes to find hers and fulfill this desire for a deep human connection. I wished I could tell her, "Grow Up!" If it has happened for you once consider yourself doggone lucky! It ain't happening again...

Now there IS a different kind of love.. less exotic, that has to do with commitment. Basically signing a contract and paying your bills. Its considered passé. Its also the only real thing in business. When passion is done, romance is cooled and the chips are down, you begin to sense that this man matters to me. I care if he has cold, if he loses his job. I care for his tears. I dont want to be without him ever. Saying this to yourself is like a rarity. We do it when we are faced with danger... not at normal times.. it makes you ask what was I worrying about, little short change stuff... when I have this. You know, put back the toilet seat, take your plate to the sink, clean up after yourself. That stuff doesn't matter. I love him... there's the mantra... it re-energizes you if you can get yourself to say it and mean it. It changes nothing. Its the same "ram chhagol" as a dear friend put it... same stubborn, unreasonable, selfish, useless man.. but there you are... in love garb, anything goes.