Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take my hand: DUK there's a fidelity gene?

Continued from...
Take my hand: hasta mañana

Let me share some developments since that walkout on Giri (read run out @ h.m.). I've invited the couple for dinner today, which is Saturday of following week since the lunch. Anish, my husband, is looking peeved. This is well known behavior in our household whenever we have guests come over. The original line was Anish gets upset because we were not spending time together. This notion is now smoked. Many cozy evenings has passed us by, un(der) appreciated. Of course that too is my fault, as I am simply not interesting company! These complaints from someone who is himself pretty unsocial, are classic symptoms of the "only child syndrome". They are never happy not to be the center of the universe, even for a day. I digress. Although not exactly elated with Giri (his turning up with Seema on what was to be our clandestine lunch still stung).. I was sort of bouyed by the old flame aspect surrounding seeing him again, wife or sans wife. I ignored my peeved companion. The menu was to be sour moong dahl with fish cutlets, lauki kofta curry and mutton. I had fruit chutney with vanilla ice cream for desert. After a day spent in needless imaginary competition with whatever Seema's culinary talents may be, I felt reasonably pleased with myself at the turn out.

Anish hurriedly entered our bedroom as I emerged from the shower. Usually phenomenally obtuse, at these times, I develop an uncanny sixth sense. I knew exactly where he'd been. Poor guy had lunch on the thin side this afternoon (also typical when guests are due) and direly needed nourishment. And single child right? He just had to get a head start on what has been cooked for the guests, nearly impossible to accomplish peacefully under my vigilance. We looked at each other and started to laugh. After that I had to let it go.

Seema turned out to be umm.. refreshing. I feel squirmish to admit I liked Giri's wife.. specially because the first two times around, I had her stereotyped and was perfectly at peace with that notion. Today, she changed that. I found us discussing Rhett and Ashley as husbands. Was it purely physical what Ashley and Scarlett shared? What had Michelle meant? It was never really clear in the novel. Seema said it was beyond sexual.. more like a magnetic attraction for scarlett's vitality. I was inclined to agree. I watched Giri come around and stand behind Seema from the corner of my eyes.

Michelle seemed to say that if Scarlett ever had half a chance at finding out who Ashley really was, she'd have gotten over him and perhaps found happiness with Rhett. After a point in life, what makes sense to try? What makes sense not to try? Specially in relationships... I asked Giri what he thought. I wanted to know where he stood on the issue of outside talent in these matters. Giri said, they'd been together long enough. Scarlett just always wanted what she could not have. Hmm... distressing. Anish says as long as some lines are not crossed, its vital to explore. I'd get into what these lines mean. For me, thats the biggest challenge. I dont understand lines...

Giri helped stack the plates in the dish washer as I cleared them away. In the soft yellow kitchen light, the lines and wisdom that separated us were blurred. We stood shoulder to shoulder and I nudged him twice with my elbows while we discussed work, old friends, nothings.. Anish and Seema now know that we had been best of friends at one time... Just not the last little bit. I know that thing still stands between us somewhere. We both have wondered if that was just a passing fancy after all... we didn't have the patience to find out then...perhaps after all these years, its time to talk with my old friend again, woman to man.