Friday, February 05, 2010

The Noctians

Have you felt them? The noctians?
Gently Kissing your eyes
Soaking up your sleep,
Fill you up with a soft buzz
Of nothingness, no-where-ness, no-now-ness

I asked them once...
from where they came..
They told me, they came from me.
From my lethargy they were born.
On my dejection, they thrived.
They are a clammy balm for my failures
They smother me and diffuse my pains.

They kill the best in you
They kill your ability to feel
To think, to act...
What mischief they can cause!
Upon your defenseless tired mind
When you are only half awake
with no will to fight with dirty flies
They swarm your conciousness,
The little morbids, the Noctians.