Friday, June 23, 2006


It has been so long.. so long that I sat under a tree, rolled in the grass, bathed in salty waters on the ocean front, listened to birds chirp, or... write. Life is running by me and I am running by life. I am lost in the woods. What did I promise so long ago ? Who knows ? I do not remember anymore. Egged on by something indescribable I run the miles that stretch before me. Busy, busy, busy, buzzes the word in my head. Where am I headed? Why am I chasing this never ending to-do list ?

Will I be happy if I were say in a beautiful sprawling home, awash with the sunshine of abundance ? If I amassed wealth enough for eternal gaiety and parties? If someone loved me to distraction, swept me off everyday in extravagant romances? If I had children to adore and spoil ? If I travelled far and wide, engulfed in exotic adventures? What brings happiness?

Somehow I think, fulfilment is to be found in none of these things alone. I think Fulfillment comes in strange ways; not in goals reached, but in goals achieved through endless pain and determination. Fulfilment lies in abstinence, in excecuting the plans of a mind shaped by purpose, a mind that has weathered and won its battles over other insincts.