Thursday, August 18, 2005

daisies by the road

Sometimes it seems so pointless... an ugly belch and a whimper, a thorougly ignominous low... keeps coming back... Should we then give up now ? Just amble around in the background shadows, never the sanctimonious goat, never the rebellious voice of righteousness... Form no beliefs and thus not be dogmatic. Never love and thus insure the heart against hurt. All the little compromises needlessly executed with indifference.. It does get you around the corners... Yes, you could thwart thus, the inner battle.. but you will have lost the war.

Life is a journey. And every moment of that journey counts. You fight to get here and there, but you are neither here nor there too long, its what's between here and there thats the most of life. Happiness can truly be achieved only in the gracious acceptance of the pursuit and the struggle for survival, in the concious daily investment of energy and emotions to achieve your dreams... in cultivating an appreciation for the daisies on the road.. thats what makes the ocassional successes, the ones we count as milestones in our lives, truly memorable.